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About Us

Starline School of Dance has been operating in Plainville, Massachusetts for over 40 years. A true family business started by Denise Kiley in 1979, now under the direction of her daughter Tara MacIver. Starline has been enriching the lives of dancers in our community for decades! 


Our qualified staff is dedicated and determined to help each student improve their ability as a dancer and become the best performer they can be. We offer an organized class curriculum where students build a strong foundation and are exposed to the newest technical elements of dance training. 

Dance has the power to positively impact a person's life both inside and outside the studio. Dance teaches discipline, hard work, creative problem solving, builds confidence, and encourages collaboration. We're teaching much more than steps in the Starline studio!  

Starline is committed to offering the highest quality dance training at the most affordable pricing. 


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